Mitek News 2017

Mitek Has Moved
Yep thats right! After being inside the Berea Ky city limits since we opened way back in 2001 we have relocated to our new shop built on our personal property at 7271 Battlefield Memorial Highway in Berea Ky. In all reality we are only a few miles outside of Berea Ky on Highway 421 South just a couple of miles north of Big Hill Ky. See our map in the main column to the right and just click More Options for exact directions to our new shop.We now have the ability to take care of all customers 24/7/365. If we are not in our shop simply push the blue wireless doorbell located on our shop door and someone with be with you inside of 3 minutes.

Mitek Help Desk 2017
Go ahead and use the helpdesk system here at Mitek Computers. Click HERE to go to our support site or simply click on the tab located at the bottom right hand corner of any page here at our website.

You can even submit a support ticket and simply drop off your system with us and we will take care of the rest. By the way Mitek Computers DOES offer pickup and delivery service for those that are unable to get out due to health reasons or situations where you simply cannot travel. Normally we provide this as a free or very low cost service, BUT depending on how far out you are, there may be a nominal travel charge involved in certain situations.

Like Us on Facebook
Speaking of Facebook, Mitek Computers updates our Facebook business page on an almost daily basis. We give you stories and links that concern everything computer related.

Whether its the latest viruses, or legislation that will affect all of us internet users, you will find relevant information that should concern us all on our Mitek Facebook page. You can also link to us and visit our pages via Google+ as well as Linked-In.

Full Color Banners
Mitek Computers had the honor and good fortune of finding the best banner company on the web.

The next time you are looking for a super nice full color banner go to

You will be amazed at the quality of their products and the prices on printed full color banners. In all reality you can get full color banners for about 25%-50% less than what you would pay locally.

We normally do not send our customers to non local business, but these guys do such a GREAT job at such affordable rates,that it only makes sense we should pass this information directly to our customers.

Mitek Is Big On Refurbs

We are partnered with Lenovo on all new systems we sell BUT we have discovered a great way to help our customers save money and still end up wit ha nawesome system is to rebuild and resell refurbished computers. So we have foudn a supplier with super nice off lease systems, we purchase these in bulk, and then go through each one upgrading or adding etc until we end up wit ha VERY NICE high end system. We try to make sure ALL of our refurbished systems stay within the $249-$399 proce range and so far we have been very successful in our refurbished endeavor. We are selling some of the NICEST and FASTEST i5 and i7 Intel based refurbished 14.1 and 15.6 inch Dell business series laptops at prices that are less than 1/3 to 1/2 of what they cost originally.Most of our refurbs are barely over a year old and are even BETTER than new. So give us a call at (859) 985-0050 to check our inventory. We normally have some super quick and rugged system on hand. NO ONE can do refurbs the way we do, and NO ONE can offer you the warranty, the dependable systems, or the service after the sale that Mitek Computers is so well known for. We wouldnt be in business going on 18 years if we were not great at what we do.


FINALLY, a TRUE genius and HERO has came up with a website that keeps tracks of the latest computer repair phone and email scams, and even has a forum where people can get together and then list new and growing scam threats. We were SO tired of seeing our customers ripped off by thieves that call and state they are calling Microsoft and tell customers "your computer is infected" or call from 1-800 numbers and then explain how they need a few hundred dollars to solve the problem. MANY people fall for this simply because they are not educated to scams such as this.

MOST COMPUTER USERS are unaware of these scams and how they work but NOW you can become truly educated and informed and know that you will not become just another statistic for these guys to prey upon.So head on over to Scam Warners any time you get a questionable call or email or text from a source you are unfamiliar with. Any questions? Call US at (859) 985-0050

Mitek Computers Remote Repairs Available 24 Hours Per Day


Too Busy to Drop It Off or Give It Up For A Day? Think Its Just a Software Glitch? A Virus or Spyware Maybe?

Well then consider this. If you have a credit card or PayPal at Mitek we can login remotely and solve 80% of ALL issues through our remote service and repair. It can also save you money. Our first hour rates in $75.00 BUT we also have a half hour rate. For $40.00 which does cover the first 30 minutes of troubleshooting and service, we can install our propietary toolkit and untilities and run them remotely. All you need for this to work is the ability to follow simple instructions and download and install the software we use for our service. You then need an administrative account on your computer, and broadband internet access where your computer CAN get on the internet. Thats it. You never have to leave home or even move your computer.

Here is a short list of things we can do with NO intervention required from the customer whatsoever.

>> Virus, ransomware, and spyware removal
>> Software installations
>> Troubleshpoot and resolve many computer problems and issues
>> Backup your system
>> Install anti birus or anti spyware programs
>> Install a printer or a scanner or most any piece of hardware with some customer intervention
>> Setup secondary networks or secure your network or system

and the list goes on and on and on. We can practically do as much service remotely as we can do with a system sitting right in front of teh us. The exception to this of course is IF teh system needs hardware replaced. In these instances we will ask you to bring teh system to us, and we will then prorate any charges we may have added as a result of the remote service call. In other words we will not charge you for teh remote call on top of our standard call.

Please understand that in some cases it may take longer than 1 hour to fix or repair your system. The first hour is $75.00 with each additional hour prorated at 60$ per hour. We VERY seldom ever have a remote repair take longer than 30 minutes to an hour. If we feel you are better off bringing in yoru system as opposed to trying a remorte repair we will tell you up front or as soon as we know that it may be better if we get hands on with the system. So just call us at (859) 985-0050 , email us from our website at or text message us at (859) 893-4954. We also have Skype and WhatsApp and you can always find us under our mobile phone numer of by searching for Mitek Computers LLC, mitekcomputers, or mitekcomputersllc.

Now remember if you MUST bring in yoursystem for repair then simply click on the map below to get exact driving directions to our shop from any point within the United States. We do our best to make it extremely easy to find our shop day or night, and remember we are avialble to serve you 24/7/365 and we dont know of many shops anywhere that has that option for its customers. We are some of teh best computer techs you will ever find. Just ask around.

In addition you can always call (859) 985-0050 and our office manager Mary will verbally GIVE you directions over the phone. We are very easy to find and our technical services are better now than ever. Remember now that we are located so close to our home we take phone calls from 9AM-9PM EST daily and will take systems in for service day or night. Just call us and tell us you are the way and we will be prepared when you arrive.In business emergencies we will do our utmost to repair it within a couple of hours if at all possible.Basically we are open 24/7/365. We are available for our customers day or night. Remember, call us at (859) 985-0050 or email us at . We are here for our customers day or night.

If there is no answer on a call PLEASE leave a voicemail and a number where you can be reached and we will return your call immediately in most cases.

We still keep a lot of ordinary hardware in stock and normally we can have your system back to you the same or next day in most cases INCLUDING weekends and holidays. We are the ONLY full service computer repair center that is open 24/7/365 for OUR customers. We keep a great supply of REFURBISHED SYSTEMS in stock and our pricing on REFURBISHED SYSTEMS is quite competitive with online resources.

In other words we have went absolutely nowhere OTHER than moving to a different building. We would love to have you become or continue being one of our long time loyal customers. We KNOW you will be happy with our service because we are STILL the best computer technicians in the business. We guarantee you that we are STILL the best and most price competitive technicians in the area. We take on repairs and services that most other technicians won't even touch. Browse our website, call us, email us, or simply drop by. We are always available for our customers.

Don't forget if you need IMMEDIATE HELP OR SERVICE WE OFFER REMOTE REPAIRS no matter where you may be as long as you have broadband connectivity.We also offer super quick email support by using the tab labeled Mitek Support at the bottom right of any of our web pages.We are here for you and will continue to be available for ALL of our customers local or remote.