Mitek News 2017

Mitek Has Moved
Yep thats right! After being inside the Berea Ky city limits since we opened way back in 2001 we have relocated to our new shop located on our personal property at 7271 Battlefield Memorial Highway in Berea Ky. In all reality we are only a few miles outside of Berea Ky on Highway 421 South just a couple of miles north of Big Hill Ky. See our map in the main column to the right and just click More Options for exact directions to our new location.In addition you really need to check out our REFURBISHED LINEUP HERE

Mitek Help Desk 2017
Go ahead and use the helpdesk system here at Mitek Computers. Click HERE to go to our support site or simply click on the tab located at the bottom right hand corner of any page here at our website.
You can even submit a support ticket and simply drop off your system with us and we will take care of the rest. By the way Mitek Computers DOES offer pickup and delivery service for those that are unable to get out due to health reasons or situations where you simply cannot travel. Normally we provide this as a free or very low cost service, BUT depending on how far out you are, there may be a nominal travel charge involved in certain situations.

Like Us on Facebook
Speaking of Facebook, Mitek Computers updates our Facebook business page on an almost daily basis. We give you stories and links that concern everything computer related.

Whether its the latest viruses, or legislation that will affect all of us internet users, you will find relevant information that should concern us all on our Mitek Facebook page. You can also link to us and visit our pages via Google+ as well as Linked-In.

Full Color Banners
Mitek Computers had the honor and good fortune of finding the best banner company on the web.

The next time you are looking for a super nice full color banner go to

You will be amazed at the quality of their products and the prices on printed full color banners. In all reality you can get full color banners for about 25%-50% less than what you would pay locally.

We normally do not send our customers to non local business, but these guys do such a GREAT job at such affordable rates,that it only makes sense we should pass this information directly to our customers.

Mitek Partners With Lenovo

Mitek Computers is now a partner with Lenovo Computers (originally IBM) and the only OEM systems we will be selling are NEW Lenovo desktops, servers, and workstations. We still offer our OWN Mitek Computers brand of custom designed and in house built systems. This partnership with Lenovo now gives our customers many more options when it comes to affordable higher end OEM systems at extremely good prices.
In addition we are now an AUTHORIZED and RECOGNIZED Microsoft Refurbisher an have numerous refurbished systems in stock at GREAT PRICES.


FINALLY, a TRUE genius and HERO has came up with a website that keeps tracks of the latest computer repair phone and email scams, and even has a forum where people can get together and then list new and growing scam threats. We were SO tired of seeing our customers ripped off by thieves that call and state they are calling Microsoft and tell customers "your computer is infected" or call from 1-800 numbers and then explain how they need a few hundred dollars to solve the problem. MANY people fall for this simply because they are not educated to sbams such as this.

MOST COMPUTER USERS are unaware of these scams and how they work but NOW you can become truly educated and informed and know that you will not become just another statistic for these guys to prey upon.So head on over to Scam Warners any time you get a questioanble call or email or text from a source you are unfamiliar with. Any quetions? Call US at (859) 985-0050

Mitek Computers Sales, Service, Repairs, and Refurbs

Yes it is absolutely true. After 16 plus years located within the Berea Ky city limits Mitek Computers LLC has moved to our brand new shop and less than 15 minutes from our old location on West Jefferson St. Rather than try to explain to you how to get to our new shop we have setup an automatic Google map below. If you select MORE OPTIONS,it will give you a full map that you can use to get the EXACT driving directions to our new shop no matter where you may be located.

You simply need to insert your current location or address and let Google Maps do the rest. You can then either print out the directions OR simply send the directions via text to your smartphone and then use your phone as your GPS device. If you do not understand then please just call us at (859) 985-0050 and we will be more than happy to give you directions over the phone or send you a link to the map and directions via email. We are only a few minutes away from our old location and extremey easy to find. We ALWAYS are here and available to you 24/7/365.We know of NO OTHER computer shop that can say that at all.


At Mitek Computers we always try to bring our customers the best deals on hardware that we possibly can. Everyone is aware of how great our repair services are, and how quick our turnaround times are. Our rates are way below the national average, and when compared to GeekSquad or Office Depot we could be considered downright cheap. The fact remains however that we must charge certain amounts in order to remain in business. Its simply a fact of doing business. Suffice it to say we always give our customers 110% of our abilities each and every time they bring a system to us for repair. Whether it be virus or spyware removal or a complete system reload we make CERTAIN that we give you the best prices possible. Give us a call at (859) 985-0050 for a quote by phone. We normally can hit pretty close to the exact price if we truly know the problem.

Mitek Computers is a REGISTERED and CERTIFIED Microsoft Partner and a CERTIFIED Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and Stystems Engineer , we are A+ certified, and we are also members in good standing of ACRBO (The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners). We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and have had that rating since we opened way back in 2001. Not a single complaint in over 16 years of business. In other words at Mitek Computers we do not hide the fact that we do everything within our power to make sure our customers have the best experience possible. We do not take shortcuts or do thinsg we shouldn't do. We do not tell you one price then slam you with an over priced and surprising invoice at the end. If there are differences in our original quote we ALWAYS call you frist to verify any additional cost or additional work. Do you need help? Then PLEASE give us a call at (859) 985-0050 when you need it. We will be there for you.

Make sure you check out our REFURBISHED notebooks and desktops. We normally have quite a few in stock and dollar for dollar the systems we refurbish are as good or even better than any new system you could possibly buy at any of the BIG BOX stores. In fact we know our refurbished systems are better built, are much faster, and much cheaper than a comparable new system. Mitek Computers only deals in GRADE A refurbished systems which means our systems are so close to new its hard to tell new from refurbished.We personally go through each system and replace or update any hardware of software that needs it, and every system is guaranteed for at least 90 days.

So when its time to buy that new system, don't rush out and buy the cheapest system you can find. Give Mitek a call at (859)985-0050 and SEE just what type of new or refurbished system we can offer you. You will be surprised at the system you can get for much less money than a new system.In addition you will end up with a MUCH FASTER, MORE DEPENDABLE, and BETTER BUILT system than anything new. The new sytems that are coming out these days are so cheap and so flimsy as to be almost EMBARASSING. We see how our customers become frustrated with these new low quality systems they purchase from teh big box stores, and how they feel cheated and ripped off... thing is there is NO recourse short of dealing with the manufacturer.

YES. You read that correctly. Being that we are now located within 100 yards of our home we have the ability to offer our customers service that no other computer repair shop can offer. We are open to take in systems 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.If you stop by our shop and no one seems to be around, simply push the marked blue "doorbell" button and a wireless doorbell will ring inside our home. If we are home we will be more than happy to meet and assist you and fill out our service request paperwork. We know of NO OTHER repair shop that offers this type of 24 hour service. We are available everyday and every hour at least 99% of the time including nights and weekends in most cases. However, it is always best to call us first at (859)985-0050. Normally we will be around to take in your system even if you just drop in unannounced.There is never an appointment necessary at Mitek Computers...EVER!

After years of thinking about it we decided to actually purchase a new HIGH QUALITY vinyl cutter and now offer custom vinyl logos and other items to our customers. We normally farmed this service out to other local entities, but we decided its such a small and unique service that we can perform it all in house and save our customers quite a bit of money in teh process. So if you are in need of high quality cut vinyl graphics or logos for your retail store windows or doors, or need a new sign, or vinly applied to your service vehicle then give us a call at Mitek Computers. We ONLY use the highest quality indoor and outdoor vinyls available and we know you will find our prices to be well in line with local competitors. We offer literally thousands of colors and types of vinyl material so whatever you need, we definitely can get. Need a new logo? We offer that design service as well. At Mitek we have you covered. Simply call us at (859)985-0050