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NEW Mitek Helpdesk
We have added our new LIVE helpdesk system here at Mitek Computers. Are you planning on bringing your computer in for service? Simply go to our helpdesk application and submit a ticket with as much information as possible about your problems. When you bring in your system simply drop it off. No more waiting and you get in and out quickly. Once your computer has been repaired we will text or call you and if you have access to internet you can actually see what was done to your system along with teh final price for the repair. We are hopeful this will make things much easier for our customers that have limited time for drop offs during their hectic schedules.
Mitek 2014 Alerts
Subscribe to the Mitek Alerts and Special Deals here. We will never spam you or pass out your info to any third party. Unsubscribe at any time. Specials will be running now through end of the year. Savings galore on Lenovo and custom systems. Our newsletter also let's our customers know immediately of any problems, viruses, and spyware that we are seeing locally.

XP No Longer Supported
As of April 14, 2014 Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials as your anti-virus you will notice it's no longer being supported as an add on to XP as well. In other words they have gone the way of teh do-do bird. Extinct for the most part.

Don't despair. You still have options. If your desktop or laptop will support it, you can always upgrade to Windows 7. Very affordable option that starts at $139.00 at Mitek

We can custom build a Windows 7 Home Premium system for you starting at just $499.00. You can purchase a NICE Windows 7 Professional Lenovo desktop system starting at only $599.00. Call us or stop by if you are getting the No Longer Supported errors when you start up your system. We can help!
April 15, 2014
Mitek Computers can now sell you ANY anti-virus made by ANY developer for less than MSRP..sometimes MUCH less. Our NEW AV price list is available in PDF format HERE
Computer Repair Richmond, KY
Mitek Computers is ranked one of the TOP 3 Computer Repair Services at Thumbtack in the Berea and Richmond Ky area. Getting rankings this high is almost impossible unless you have some of the best service in the area. In fact we are ranked highly in ALL technical categories at Thumbtack and Angies list as well. These are real rankings and reviews from real people.
Get Windows 7 Now
The difference between custom builders like Mitek Computers and big box stores is very evident. Mitek Computers can still offer our customers systems loaded with Windows 7, whereas big box stores like Best Buy or Office Depot can only offer systems pre-loaded with Windows 8.

Unfortunately, many current users just do not like Windows 8 and therefore are forced into purchasing a computer with an operating system they really do not want.

At Mitek Computers we can custom build your computer loaded with Windows 7 no problem at all. Laptops with Windows 7 are becoming very scarce but there are a few still to be found.
WE PAY CASH for your broken later model laptops and desktops. Broken screen, bad hard drives, missing keys, adapters, or even cracked plastic we will PAY YOU CASH for your broken laptop. We pay more than any pawn shop in the area.

In certain instances we will buy your desktop as well BUT it must be a VERY recent model.

Broken IPhone or IPad? We repair them and also buy them if you want to sell your broken unit. WE DO NOT buy water damaged items.

Please note you must provide a state photo ID or drivers license before we buy any items at all. You MUST be over 18 years old.Laptops should be no more than 2-3 years old, and be loaded with Vista at minimum.

If you are not sure what you have call us first at 859-985-0050 or bring it by our shop.In most instances IF it is within our specs we will make a CASH offer.
April 17 2014
Use our useful live on-line support feature. At the bottom right of each page you will notice a new tab entitled Mitek Support.

If you need advice or help simply use our Knowledge Base (it is building as we write this) or send a message to one of our technicians via the application.

If our techs are online they should reply immediately. If not then you will have the option to send an email directly from our live support application. We normally reply to all emails within a few hours.
April 22, 2009
Mitek Computers is now a partner with Lenovo Computers (originally IBM) and will only be selling NEW Lenovo desktops, servers, and workstations as our main brand. We still offer our OWN brand of custom designed systems. This partnership with Lenovo now gives our customers many more options when it comes to a design as you buy system.

In addition we are now an AUTHORIZED and RECOGNIZED Microsoft Refurbisher.
June 12, 2013
Mitek Computers only promotes software on our website that we have tested thoroughly. If we have it here, we believe in it, and it does what it should do.

None of the online Fix My PC type programs will ever replace the need for a TRUE technician BUT if you need to test your system right now, this is the one to use.

June 10, 2013
Mitek Computers had the honor and good fortune of finding the best banner company on the web. After speaking with Steve, and winning a GREAT free banner, he is our only source for printed vinyl banners these days. Give these guys a try. You will be amazed at the quality and their prices on printed full color banners.

Mitek Computers Sales, Service, Repairs

Mitek Computers LLC, located at 928 West Jefferson St, in our hometown of beautiful Berea, Ky has been in business since January 2001. We are now in our 13th year of business and we are extremely proud of the fact that we are still around, while several other computer shops have come and gone in that same time. We know we have the best technicians in the area, and we know that we do things for our customers that no other business would or could do. That is what separates Mitek Computers from our competition, and that is what keeps us going strong year after year.

We work on your normal everyday home computers, home and business notebooks, high end business workstations and servers, and repair more systems in a week than most people will ever see in their lifetimes. We repair tablets, many brands of smart-phones, and offer our customers some of the best custom designed computers ever. We are truly proud of the fact that we offer Lenovo brand desktops, laptops, workstations and servers as our main OEM brand. We have been partnered with Lenovo for over three years now, and we have YET to have one single piece of hardware failure on any system we have sold.

In fact we are partnered with several companies such as Microsoft, Lenovo (originally IBM), Asus, Western Digital, Avast, Surfright, MalwareBytes and too many more to mention. We are a member in good standing with ACRBO (Association of Computer Repair Business Owners) and have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

During this time (2014) when XP systems are becoming nothing more than doorstops, we even have solutions for that. We are currently running upgrades to Windows 7 on your old XP system with prices starting at just $139.00. This is a truly affordable solution for lots of our customers. Granted every XP system out there will not run Windows 7 properly, however a great percentage of them will. The general rule of thumb is if you system is running either an Intel Or AMD multi core system with a minimum 2.2 Ghz CPU, and IF your system has at least 1GB or memory and a 100GB hard drive, you should, in theory be able to run Windows 7 Home Premium at minimum. Of course we always check every system first to make sure it will run Windows 7 efficiently. No sense in making a bad situation even worse. However, if your system is NOT capable of running Windows7, and you are not a big fan of Windows 8 we have other solutions for you.

Mitek Computers designs and builds medium range and high end business workstations and servers, as well as extremely nice and affordable home systems.We install wired and wireless networks, we set up your servers and workstations, we backup and restore your files, and we even install your proprietary software onsite or remotely. We are FILE RECOVERY specialists and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on file recovery. Whether you are a home or business user, you can rest assured that Mitek Computers can fully assist you and take care of all of your computing needs.

Mitek Computers is one of the few shops in the area that offers disaster recovery if and when your hard drive goes dead. There is nothing worse that starting up your system and getting the dreaded "No boot device found" or "No operating system found". We can help. We have an 80% in house data recovery rate, but we have access to clean labs that can tear down your hard drive and recover files in many instances no matter how badly they may be damaged. In most normal situations we can recover those files that are near and dear to your heart, and once they are recovered we offer you the best in backup software and hardware solutions so you do not have to ever go through that particular problem again.

Mitek's shop is open from 11:00am through 7:00pm Monday through Friday and will work weekends if a customer needs a special time to have a system repaired as long as we have 48 hours notice. We do emergency calls for ANY business day or night, and have the ability to remotely solve many software issues without ever leaving our shop or home. Some days unfortunately we have service calls, and there will not be a technician onsite at our shop. We can be reached any time via our mobile phone at 859-893-4954 via call or text (text is better)... if we do not answer simply leave a message and we will get back with you within a short while. You also can email us directly using the email address at the top of this page or by clicking on our Contacts link. Email or text is usually the fastest way to get in touch with us in an emergency situation.

We have our unique Support Ticket system on our website in the lower right hand corner of our pages. Our customers love it an use it daily.Simply click on the tab, fill in your information, and submit the ticket. One of our technicians will get in touch with you shortly. You can explain as much or as little as you want, and can even upload screenshots of any problem so we can take a look. Just remember more times than not it is much better to bring your computer into our shop. You never need an appointment and in many cases we can start working on it the very same day. There is also a small database/knowledge base inside the ticketing system that helps with many problems we commonly see and maybe can be of some help to you. In addition we offer very affordable remote repair rates. None of these scam artists that you hear from these days. We are an honest to goodness REAL company ran by REAL people in a REAL brick and mortar building.

So please just browse our site, become familiar with our services and products, and give us a call or send us an email when you need help. If you are looking for a quote on service, or a custom designed gaming or multimedia system, just give us a call or visit our contact form or support tab. We want your business. We want you to tell your friends about Mitek Computers. We certainly want to be around for the next 13 years and can only hope that it will be as good or better than our first 13 years.

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