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Roadhouse Refurbs Co 2021 Refurbished Systems
Click the link above for our updated price list. We now have our own website for our refurbished systems, so check out RoadHouse Refurbs. Mitek Computers always has access to some of the most rugged and fastest, highest quality, super clean A+ off lease and gently used systems in the area. If we don't have what you are looking for you can bet we can get it. We are talking Apples, PC desktops, commercial laptops, All In Ones, and even tablets on occasion at prices that are hard to believe. Why buy an off the shelf piece of cheaply made junk when you can have a 2000,3000, even a 4000$ dollar system for a price as cheap as the Wally World Specials. No joke... we have access to commercial grade custom designed laptops that we sell for less than 25% of what they would cost new. They look brand new. They act brand new and we upgrade them to their maximum whenever its feasible or possible. Call us today at 859.985.0050 and talk to Mary about our super awesome refurbished laptops and desktops. Just ask any of our customers that have purchased our super high end refurbished systems. They will be more than happy to tell you how they ended up with an i& 4 or 8 core system for less than 1/3rd of what a new one would have cost at Best Buy or Office Depot. We are Berea KY's NUMBER ONE refurbisher bar none. We are the best of the best.

Just A Pro
Well we did it again. We were surprised and extremely proud that Mitek Computers was chosen as this areas Best of 2020and just received word that we have received a new best of 2020 award from Thumbtack as a Thumbtack Pro. What this means is that all service work or repairs we have completed via Thumbtack havebeen perfect and that our customers love us. Thank you Madison County for choosing us as one of your favorite computer repair shops.
Mitek Help Desk
Go ahead and use the helpdesk system here at Mitek Computers. Click HERE to go to our support site or simply click on the tab located at the bottom right hand corner of any page here at our website.

You can even submit a support ticket and simply drop off your system with us and we will take care of the rest. By the way Mitek Computers DOES offer pickup and delivery service for those that are unable to get out due to health reasons or situations where you simply cannot travel. Normally we provide this as a free or very low cost service, BUT depending on how far out you are, there may be a nominal travel charge involved in certain situations.

Like Us on Facebook
Speaking of Facebook, Mitek Computers updates our Facebook business page on an almost daily basis. We give you stories and links that concern everything computer related.

Whether its the latest viruses, or legislation that will affect all of us internet users, you will find relevant information that should concern us all on our Mitek Facebook page. You can also link to us and visit our pages via Google+ as well as Linked-In.

Mitek Computers - What's New?

We are located just a few miles outside of Berea Ky on Highway 421 South just a couple of miles north of Big Hill Ky and exactly 2 miles south of the Hwy 421/Hwy1016 intersection. Our driveway is marked by computer repair flags and signs. We are hard to miss. See the map below and then just click on Directions to be pointed to our new location. We are 10 minutes from Berea, 15 minutes from Richmond, and 30 minutes from Lexington, Irvine and McKee Ky. Confused? CALL US AT (859) 985-0050. Same awesome service. Same great owners. Nothing has changed other than our location and our repair service is even faster than ever. We take on repairs and upgrades that other shops do not even understand. We install high end networks running a 1GBPS and up and even offer fiber connects if that's what you wish

We use REAL TIME coordinate location mapping on Google Maps so if you insert your exact starting point into Google Maps and submit then you just print out the map if you are at home. In more modern times customers will just send these directions straight to their phone, then use the phone for GPS while you drive. Either way, by clicking DIRECTIONS in the map below, and then inserting your starting point you will have PERFECTLY EXACT DRIVING DIRECTIONS to our new shop no matter your starting location. By the way once you get to our shop there is a doorbell on our service door. If no one is available in the shop simply push teh blue doorbell and we will be out to greet you within 2-3 minutes. So be patient. We are normally always around.

Mitek Computers is a long time system refurbisher and as such we carry refurbished BUSINESS style notebooks "JUST LIKE NEW" starting at less than $300.00. No these are NOT the cheap flimsy Wally World Notebooks, these are truly world class complete heavy duty use notebooks from makers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple. We have access to numerous refurbished and high end off lease notebooks, tablets, and desktops. Our inventory is constantly changing and is in a constant state of flux. Use the TEXT button at the bottom right of this page to contact us via text message or simply email us at to receive what specials we have access to at this very moment in time.

In addition you can always call (859) 985-0050 and our office manager Mary will verbally GIVE you directions over the phone. We are very easy to find and our technical services are better now than ever. Remember now that we are located so close to our home we take phone calls from 9AM-9PM EST daily and will take systems in for service day or night. Just call us and tell us you are the way and we will be prepared when you arrive.In business emergencies we will do our utmost to repair it within a couple of hours if at all possible.Basically we are open 24/7/365. We are available for our customers day or night. Remember, call us at (859) 985-0050 or email us at . We are here for our customers day or night.

If there is no answer on a call PLEASE leave a voice-mail and a number where you can be reached and we will return your call immediately in most cases.

We still keep a lot of ordinary hardware in stock and normally we can have your system back to you the same or next day in most cases INCLUDING weekends and holidays. We are the ONLY full service computer repair center that is open 24/7/365 for OUR customers. We keep a great supply of REFURBISHED SYSTEMS in stock and our pricing on REFURBISHED SYSTEMS is quite competitive with online resources.

In other words we have went absolutely nowhere OTHER than moving to a different building. We would love to have you become or continue being one of our long time loyal customers. We KNOW you will be happy with our service because we are STILL the best computer technicians in the business. We guarantee you that we are STILL the best and most price competitive technicians in the area. We take on repairs and services that most other technicians won't even touch. Browse our website, call us, email us, or simply drop by. We are always available for our customers.

Don't forget if you need IMMEDIATE HELP OR SERVICE WE OFFER REMOTE REPAIRS no matter where you may be as long as you have broadband connectivity.We also offer super quick email support by using the tab labelled Mitek Support at the bottom right of any of our web pages. You will also note that we have added a NEW text messaging app that connects directly to our mobile phone. Please feel free to use that if you wish. We are always here for you and will continue to be available for ALL of our customers local, distant, or remote.

Please check out our latest Facebook sales brochures and specials. Just go to the link below
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